A downloadable game

A simple and sweet tabletop rpg where players play as a family of newborn monsters.

Features storytelling elements mixed with pet game elements.

No combat. And no failure conditions. Just living life and being a cute monster.

Requires dice, pens, and paper.

Install instructions

Download contains 1 PDF of 12 pages.

Read through the rules fully before sitting down to play with friends. If you don't full understand the rules it is more than okay to interpret them as loosely as you like. Or even if you do understand, you are more than welcome to change the rules in any way you like.

The pdf has been written so that when printed out it can be folded to fit in your pocket. (Not in a traditional RPG leaflet style because some people don't have their own printer to use and must rely on the local library to print things out, where it is not always possible to ask the librarians to feed your paper back into the printer for double sided printing. But printed out and folded in half it can fit in a pocket. (Unless you have those false pockets of clothes marketed to women. I use a modest handbag which can typically hold pocket sized things such as phones and such.))


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